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N & W NECTA Colibri Espresso
Colibrì is the ideal solution for medium/small hotels and workplaces and completes the Necta portfolio of breakfast solutions. The Colibrì is flexible and offers a choice of layouts, allowing the drinks menu to be configured to suit a wide range of requirements.


Thanks to the Z 2000M brewer unit, Colibrì can make an excellent espresso coffee with a long lasting crème and fuller body, compared to a traditional coffee. In order to obtain drinks of a consistently high quality, starting from the first coffee, the unit is preset for the installation of a heater into the brewing chamber. This ensures an optimum extraction temperature and improves the appearance of the drink. The Necta mixers produce instant drinks, using soluble products, which are of a consistently high standard. The dispensing cycles are designed to obtain the best possible results concerning drinks quality and output.

  • Large buttons to make selections easier
  • Simplified loading due to the top lift-up panel
  • Plug-in systems and new technical solutions simplify cleaning and Maintenance
  • Easily accessible button for mixer cleaning

Made very straightforward due to the modular functional components that can be accessed directly from the front of the machine and are easy to remove. The drip tray and the coffee grounds container are also simple to remove – even by non-qualified personnel. The new mixers have a built in powder suction drawer, which reduces the number of components, therefore, allowing them to be quickly removed for thorough cleaning.

  • Adjustment of doses with the highest accuracy
  • Self-diagnosis for checking up machine failures
  • Boiler temperature adjustment via programming
  • 8-bit electronic control
  • RS232 for the statistics of all selections
  • The alphanumeric display makes the information for the user and the indication of failures easy and clear
  • Equipped support cabinet (H 820 mm - W 410 mm - D 490 mm)
  • 20 litre water supply kit
  • Resin softener unit kit (recommended)
  • Tea dispensing kit
  • Espresso unit heating kit
  • Standard height 750 mm
  • Height with top panel open 870 mm
  • Dispensing compartment 120 mm
  • Width 410 mm
  • Depth 490 mm
  • Overall depth with door open 830 mm
  • Weight 37 kg ca
  • Power supply voltage 230 V - 50 Hz and frequency Single-phase
  • Maximum power 1850 W
  • Boiler capacity 600 cc (1 heating element)
  • Energy consumption 28,61/14142 Wh
  • Hot water hourly output 20 l/h
  • Coffee dispensing velocity 90* espresso coffees/h
  • Dispensing into the cup from a single point
  • 7 selections + hot water
  • Stainless steel adjustable support shelf
  • Option of dispensing into small jugs